The Saskatchewan Athletic Therapists Association (SATA) is a voluntary association whose purpose is to protect the public through setting education, certification and discipline standards for its members in the province of Saskatchewan. The SATA in part derives its mandate from the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA) the national governing body of Athletic Therapists in Canada.

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Certified Athletic Therapist

Certified Athletic Therapists have attended and received a bachelor's degree from one of seven accredited educational institutions in Canada. They have accumulated over 1200 hours of practical experience in clinic and field placements. They have successfully completed the national certification exam administered by the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association and have received the professional designation, CAT(C).

Registration as a Certified Athletic Therapist with the SATA entitles the person to practice athletic therapy in Saskatchewan, to vote and hold office in the association, to be appointed to committees of the association and to receive copies of association documents appropriate for distribution.

Certification Candidate

These persons are currently enrolled in or have graduated from an accredited athletic therapy degree program and are in the process of collecting their practical hours needed in order to attempt the certification exam.